Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Boys

I have a lot to update on (including 2 birth stories!) but we are now a family with 3 boys!!! 
Logan turned 4 just over a month ago, Noah turned 2 almost 2 months ago and Judah joined our family 2 weeks ago. 
I know there are plenty of crazy times ahead and I really want to keep the memories, so I'm dusting off this old blog and am going to try and keep it up to date. 

So far the transition from 2 to 3 hasn't been bad. It helps that Judah is the most laid back baby ever and a perfect addition to our family. The older 2 have been a bit tough. Noah is having a hard time not being the baby any more and wants to be carried and is super emotional. He is also in the terrible twos which doesn't help. Logan sees that mom and dad are busy with the other 2 and looks for trouble. He is super quick and sneaky. He also doesn't like to listen and wants to do what he wants. 

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