Thursday, August 1, 2013

Potty Training 1.0

We are officially embarking on the journey of potty training today, August 1st!

We have been experimenting with it for a few weeks now, but haven't really tried. We talked about (and have for over a year now) and had him sit on the potty, and he has even ASKED to sit on the potty, but it's normaly only for a few seconds and then he says he's all done and hops down.

Well a few nights ago in the bath he started freaking out that he needed a change because he had to poop, so we plopped him on the potty until he went! A few times since he has said that he has to go and for one reason or another never did it again. Although we were at my parents two days ago and had him naked outside playing in the water and he hopped out and ran over to a corner in the grass to pee.

So he has the concept, and knows when he has to go, (he yells for a change right after he goes in his diaper) it's just a matter of setting aside a day or 2 and just doing it.

Que today. It's raining. Like really raining. So we aren't going anywhere. I took his diaper off this morning when we made it downstairs (around 730) and he hasn't had one on since. Yay for less wash for momma on diaper washing day.

We turned on PBS Kids and he has been on and off the potty all morning. Well Noah cried all through his morning nap so I ran upstairs to feed him and told Logan to let me know if he has to go. (My luck he would pee all over the floor while I'm not with him) About 5 minutes later Logan comes running into the room saying "pee!!! peee!!!" So I walk out half expecting an accident at the top of the stairs. Instead I see his potty at the top of the stairs! I laugh and he points at it still saying pee. So I look, and wouldn't you know that there is pee in the potty!!! Silly boy wanted to be upstairs so he brought his potty with him and then had to go, so he went! All by himself!!!

Needless to say, I'm a proud momma over here!

I also realize that this only happened once and doesn't mean much, but it is encouraging.

Wish us luck these next few days!

*Update: As of nap time he has gone in the potty twice and had thunder scare him into an accident once.

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mama24boys said...

Sounds like he's doing great!