Monday, May 7, 2012

Kicking Off May

We had a pack week last week. Packed with tons of fun! I'll apologize now for all the pictures. At least they are of cute toddlers :-)

It started on Sunday when we went to see my friends puppies.

Then on Monday with met up with our friends Amy and Anthony at the park near our house.

Come on Logan! Hurry up!

Top of the world


Swings are fun, but we wanna move!

No momma, this way

Mom's like to play too!

The big kids just ran by and didn't say hi! :-(

That's okay, we can still get them

How's big Anthony?

Logan, get up! I heard something...

See! A plane!!!

Double trouble :-)

Tuesday was low key around the house. The alarm at the clubhouse kept going off so we had a visit from the fire truck and then we took advantage of the gorgeous day and cooked out on the grill. Homemade burgers, fries and ketchup. Yum!

Clapping with the neighbor girls who just walked by

Mmm, burgers!

First scraped knee

Mmm, real fries

My parents make the yummiest foods for me!

Wednesday we met up with Beth and Reece at Jumpers and Logan had his first bouncy experience. Quite fun!

Going down the slide all by himself

Mr. Reece

Let us out!!!

Friday we went up to the runner expo to pick up Kevin's race packet for the Broad Street Run and then had the Smith's over for some campfire fun.

First s'more

Marsh mellow!

Here dad, the fire needs this stick

Saturday we went into Manayunk with the Kang's.
Awesome latte art

Hot chocolate not quite as cute

How to push a stroller with a coffee

Logan loved waving to everyone who passed by

First cannoli = love

So far May's been a great month!

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