Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Finally Here...

...the vet appointment I have been waiting for!

Sasha and Kobe are finally 6 months, and like most animals that age they are ready to make babies.

When they were about 4 months old I started to call around to different places in the area to schedule an appointment and to find out cost. Do you know how expense it is!?!?! And a girl is so much more than a boy. One place quoted me over $500 for both! That didn't include the visit fee or any of the shots. That's crazy! And all of them said they wouldn't take them until they were 6 months.

I happened to stumble across Banfield one day, which is actually located in PetSmart, which is extremely close and they had the best price all around. When I took them in for their first round of shots I was told that they recommend getting them fixed around 4 months (wish I had found them sooner!) and that they were booked until the end of February. This was the very beginning of January! I thought I was scheduled, but at my last appointment found out that in fact the front desk lady had made a bunch of mistakes (and was no longer there) and I in fact didn't have an appointment, that the next one available would be March 15th. Umm...that's like 4 days before baby day.

Luckily, they are a chain, and there are a few in the area. I was able to find an opening at the one in Pottstown for tomorrow! It was only a week and a half wait instead of a month and a half! Good thing because we have had to keep them separated until then.

Which breaks my heart. :-( One gets locked in the upstairs bathroom while the other gets free reign of the house. Since Kobe's the male and we don't want our whole house smelling like male cat (umm, does anyone?) he gets the bathroom. The first night was horrible! He's a talker to begin with, but he sat in there and cried his little head off. Sasha can't really meow, so she took to scratching/banging on our bedroom door in an effort to get our attention that she was alone. I really don't know how momma's teach their babies to cry themselves to sleep because I had such a hard time not getting up and letting the cats in. If it wasn't for the thought of having a litter of kitties to deal with around the same time as a new baby I probably would have given in. Of course all of this starts up again around 5 am when they are awake and ready to play. Oh, and in the middle of the night if I have to get up to use the potty, or just make too much noise rolling over.

I will be a very happy camper come tomorrow when I'll be able to rest again in my own house! We let them play together while we are home, but unless one is in eyesight I'm constantly chasing them around the house to make sure they don't do the do. I must say that I have been spending a lot more time in my bedroom since I close them in there with me and they have the bedroom and the bathroom, and since the bedroom is normally off limits they love it! And I love it because it's a small enough space for me to easily keep tabs on them.

And now time for some pics of the a babies...

Here they are the day we got them...with their other brother.
I can't believe how tiny they were! Only 5 weeks :-)

And now all grown up! My babies have gotten so big!!!

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Rebekah said...

I had no idea it was so expensive! We have a dog, but we adopted her when she was almost 2. They are so cute! Good luck with keeping them locked up!