Thursday, September 9, 2010


Meet Kobe and Sasha. The newest editions to our new home.

We weren't planning on getting babies, but 3 weekend ago, we met and fell in love. My parents neighbors' cats both had kittens, twice, totaling 15 cats, so they were looking to get rid of a few. (There are still more if anyone is looking) After persuading Kevin and a quick trip to Petsmart we were the proud parents of 2-5 week old kittens.

Talk about an intro to parenthood. They grow up so fast and are learning something new everyday. Nothing is mine any more. I have to watch my food and drink or else they will decide they want to share. Safety becomes an extreme (which is a challenge when just moving into a house). I love them and look forward to seeing them after work.

I guess it's good practice for when we become actual parents in March :-)

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