Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me Monday -Country Edittion

It's Monday again??? Already???

  • I did NOT have an emotional week. It was NOT a result of having an offer on a house be rejected. That did NOT happen once, but TWICE in less than 5 days. I would never get that attached to something that wasn't mine.
  • I certainly did NOT get sick this week. It's Spring time, you're suppose to get sick when it gets cold, not when it gets warm! I am NOT still whining and suffering through it.
  • I did NOT have flashbacks of childhood yesterday. It wasn't a result of Kevin and I playing in the meadow behind my parents house. It most definitely did NOT result in me getting shocked by the electric fence. I know better than to touch one (even if Kevin was stuck on it because of the camera bag.)
  • I did NOT have to tell my husband to watch his step because of cow pies and burn hazel. Surely my hiking/camping/outdoors-loving-husband isn't a city boy and would know about these common factors.
  • While in said meadow I did NOT try to re-kindle my friendship with the cows. This did NOT include me telling them that cows are friends, not food.
  • We did NOT get chased out of the meadow by a herd of curious calves. We weren't afraid of a few harmless babies. Why would we be scared of a few animals bigger than us walking towards us?
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Camie said...

Ah the not me's! Let them begin! Happy Monday!


P.S I most certainly have NOT been afraid of smallish animals running towards me either - a poodle even!

Yellow House said...

Bummer about the house offers! Been there! Good luck hunting for something else :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................