Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Logan Tidbits

My brain doesn't function any more. I can't seem to remember anything! So I'm need to be better at keeping track of stuff on here. I started this like a month ago...time to post and start a new one I think :-)

- Logan has been a talking machine the past few months. None stop, all the time. Slowly I'm becoming better at picking real words out. Does anyone else have problems deciphering baby talk? Ball and bubbles are his 2 favorite new-ish words, and he just added (or I just picked up on) cracker. Or 'un cack-ka?'(He's been adding words all the time now, like yesterday he said 'i fart'

- Everything is a ball. He saw the moon and pointed and said ball. He wouldn't change no matter how many times we tried to tell him that it was the moon. At least when we ask about the moon he'll point to the sky :-)
We were walking through the store yesterday and he saw a box of Pepsi can and ran over yelling 'baw! baw!' I never realized that the Pepsi sign does look like a ball.

- Now that summer's over, or at least the pool's closed, we have to come up with a new routine and way to make the day go by without little man and I driving each other crazy. We've been hanging out with our neighbor since her brother is now in school full time, but  think it's only a matter of time before they drive each other crazy. I think Logan thinks he part of that family.

- Since it's been warm Logan's been sleeping in just a diaper. While he can't take it off (thank goodness for cloth diapers with snaps!) he can still his hand in and come out covered in poop. Oh yeah. Real fun.

- Logan has a train that spells his name and it connects with eye hooks and a loop and he can put them together! He's very coordinated when he has the patience to sit there and not just scream for me to do it :-)

-He likes to feed himself his breakfast. Which is nice, but it results in yogurt E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Serious mess. But he loves it :-)

-We were at a yard sale in an up and coming neighborhood, and he saw a house that was just a frame and pointed to it and said 'uh oh it broke!' So cute and innocence. 

-Yesterday (9.25.12) Logan went poopy on the potty for the 1st time! So proud of him!!! He's been pointing to the bathroom right after he goes, so he's slowly getting closer. Maybe there is hope for him to be potty trained before this next one comes around.

- He has a slight obsession with gum. Ever since he was small and found a pack of gum in the diaper bag and went to town on it. Since then, gum has slowly been hidden. Now that he's taller he's able to get into more and found some. Did I mention that he likes to chew the foil wrapper with the gum?

-Everything cracks him up. He throws his head back as far as he can and laughs. And he loves to make others laugh too! He will dance around and go crazy just for the attention.

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