Friday, August 3, 2012

July Recap in Photos

We had lots of fun in July, I can't believe it's over! Just to show you how fast it's gone, I JUST uploaded pics from my camera from early July today!

This little guy turned 16 months! He's turning into such a little boy!!!

We visited my parents in Lancaster...yes, this is a real road!

Logan was obsessed with my mom's spinner thingy

Freeze pops are a must on a hot day

I love this tree! The flowers on it are so cool!

Land ahoy!

You ready for this?

Slides are a fave!

Pure happiness

C'mon ladies, time to swing

Pet pinecone needed to slide too

Bouncing with Oma
Someone couldn't wait to go outside and use the new chalk...hint: it wasn't me

Of course chalk isn't just for the parking lot...

Butt shot

All over the legs...

How many can I carry?

Quite the artist, huh? ;-)

I'm not doing anything wrong mom

Does it taste good?
 Then the neighbors came out and brought toys...
Dipping the rake in the water to carry it to make a new puddle. The big kids were doing it with the shovel, so he though he'd try with the rake

Mud splatter

Hey Em, can I have some dirt?
Mmm, mud!

Shovel moves the dirt a lot quicker

Chalk face!

Even a boy needs some bling sometimes :-)
I also have a bunch from 4th of July and my niece's 2nd birthday party...hopefully I'll get them up sometime soon!

So, how did you spend you're month?

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