Wednesday, July 21, 2010


And the games continue.

First was a call on Monday from the processing part of our mortgage company telling me that they had 3 birthdays listed for me! Seriously? A girl could only wish to celebrate her birthday 3 times :-) They had the 9th (real), the 19th (the current days date) and the 31st (Kevin's b-day). Then they processed to tell me that it was to social security office that was reporting the incorrect one and that I had to go down their and get it corrected.

Have you ever been to the S.S. Office? Yeah, me either. You ever been to the DMV? It's like that. You take a number and wait. No cell phones allowed. Real fun. Did I mention that I left work early because they close early? When I finally got through the lady was real sweet (yay!), but informed that all the info they had was correct. Good news, yes. Waste of my time, double yes.

Yesterday, I got a hold of my mortgage lady and she told me that their underwriter would be reviewing the appraiser report and then passing it on to the PMI company (yes, we're bad and not putting 20%). The last step! Woohoo! But, there's no way that we could close by the end of the week. Um, hello, tell them to pick up the slack and get it done by the end of the week! We've been waiting long enough.

Then this morning I have an email from my realtor saying that the appraiser's underwriter (the one that was on vacation through Friday and pushed us back) wants the water to be turned on before settlement! OMG! Seriously!?!?! You could have said so a little sooner. And what does it really matter? We're the ones who have to have it turned on, either before or after we settle. Have you ever had to have water turned on? Unlike any other utility service I've ever seen, they don't give you a range to be there. You have to sit there all day (9-4) and wait for them. So one of us has to sit in a hot, smoke smelling house all day and we can't do a thing to it, because it isn't ours yet.

This is starting to become a joke!

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