Monday, February 9, 2009

Saving The Day

I was wrapping a few things up at work today, and running a little behind when I got a call from Kevin. Normally he comes home shortly after me, so I wasn't expecting him to call to see if I was on my way home or heading to the gym. He was calling because he had one of these: Flat tires are no fun, especially when you don't have a tire iron to take the lug nuts off, and even if you did, your jack was rusted shut. Well, my jack didn't turn out to be much better. I guess when they made Maxima's in the 90's they thought it'd be nice to put a jack in the car, but no crank for it. So the guys had to turn it by hand with a pair of my pliers. (Good thing this chick has a car fully load with tools.) :-) Look at how thankful he is I came to his rescue!

This little bugger turned out to be the culprit. Thank goodness we won't have to buy a new tire (or 2).

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