Friday, July 3, 2015

Judah 2 Months

Time with #3 goes so much faster than I thought was possible! 
Judah is now 10 weeks old and still the happiest, most pleasant, laid back baby ever! He had his 2 month well-check on Tuesday and was 24.009 inches long 82%), weighed 11lbs 15.2oz (29%) and his head is up to 16inches (82%). 

He still wears 0-3 and 3 month clothes but sleepers are too short and he can't straighten his legs if I squeeze him in one.  We started cloth diapers around 6 weeks and they work awesome for him although he wears size 1 overnight (but will be moving up to size 2 when we finish this pack). 

He is my strong guy and loves to stand and Im afraid with how fast time is moving he will be walking before I blink. 

He rolled over from his back to belly once and his belly to back a few times. He hates being on his belly and will inch worm and spin all around. 

Big brothers love him and he might just be their favorite toy. 

He loves to be worn in the ring sling and just tried out the Mei Tai yesterday and that seems to be loved too. 

He is a talker and has awesome giggles and is just overall such a happy dude! He didn't even cry after 1 shot! 

I think he's going to be my night owl, I like my uninterrupted time with him after the bugs go down, but but I'm hoping he'll chose an earlier bedtime soon! 

He had a bunch of first this month, 1st baby shower (baby girl Rife), 1st trip to the cow farm (Oregon Dairy), 1st trip to Marsh Creek and 1st Father's Day! 

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